TimberFalls is Steinbach’s gas station, and Petro-Canada is Canada’s gasoline!  We sell high-quality gasolines for Canadian driving conditions — even winter.  Petro-Canada has designed gas that enhances engine performance while reducing tailpipe pollutants. Petro-Canada has supplied Canadians with high-quality fuels for many years. This track record, and the fact that our fuels meet or exceed all Canadian standards, means that you can say, “Fill ‘er up” at TimberFalls with confidence!

SuperClean™ is our premium 91 octane gasoline offered across the Petro-Canada™ network. During winter months, we offer specially formulated WinterGas™ in all our gasolines, including Ultra 94™, to give you extra protection in colder weather at no extra cost.

And all Petro-Canada branded gasolines contain Tactrol™, an exclusive deposit control additive that is designed to keep fuel systems clean. Or you can buy Tactrol by the bottle for those rare times when you can’t buy your gasoline at the TimberFalls fuel station.


At TimberFalls, we sell ultra low sulphur diesel fuel for on-road use for passenger cars, heavy-duty pickups and commercial trucks that have diesel engines.

All Petro-Canada diesel fuels have suitable lubricity – a diesel fuel property that lubricates moving parts in fuel pumps and fuel injectors to minimize wear and protect current fuel systems. Most of Petro-Canada’s diesel fuels have good natural lubricity (even “ultra low sulphur” diesel fuels), especially during the spring, summer and early fall.  Lighter, low cloud point, winter diesel fuels contain a lubricity additive in keeping with the requirements of the National Standard of Canada for Automotive Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel.

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