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And much, much more…





Coffee Den

Would you believe 15 feet of coffee counter space?? Now that’s elbow room for lots of serious caffeine lovers! Perk up your day the TimberFalls way – all day, seven days a week. Steinbach’s best coffee is served with lots of options, and every cup is served fresh and piping hot…and only at the TimberFalls Coffee Den.





Arctic Zone

Manitoba is the slushie capital of the world, and TimberFalls is brain sneeze central! Island Punch, Frozen Mocha Cappuccino, and Al and Rita’s Margarita are just a few of literally thousands of flavour combinations in our new Arctic Zone slushie bar – only at TimberFalls. We proudly offer all the well-known Pepsi™ brands as well; in fact, we’ve got the best slushie selection for miles and miles!

But the TimberFalls Arctic Zone is much more. Remember the richest, creamiest soft ice cream you used to drive out of town for? Well it’s back! And it’s SELF-SERVE!

And genuine Flavor Burst is a must-try option – both on all our slushies AND our soft serve creamy ice cream.

Plus we’ve got fountain pop for all you traditional ice-cold drink lovers. Arctic Frostbite slushies, soft serve ice cream, and self-serve cold drinks – all together in one convenient location at the TimberFalls Arctic Zone!